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Unify your enterprise imaging environment across sites, specialties and technologies to simplify medical image management, empower effective collaboration and enhance patient care.

Clinical Collaboration platform on various devices

Clinical Collaboration Platform

Capture, manage, archive and collaborate: Putting clinical images to work for healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.

The Clinical Collaboration Platform is an enterprise imaging system that gives all those who provide, manage, receive and reimburse care the ability to access the clinical data and images they need — using the preferred platform for each workflow and setting. Through full integration with the enterprise's electronic medical or health record, meaningful clinical data within its appropriate context is always available for delivery to key stakeholders.

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One Unified Core supports standards-based solutions for consolidated management of databases, applications and workflows across your IT environment.

Workflow Management

Provide a comprehensive paperless workflow solution that accomodates the needs and preferences of each imaging department. Our global worklist connects seamlessly across your existing multi-vendor, multi-site RIS and PACS implementations. Telemedicine modules allow for easy expansion to remote sites without costly integration. Intelligent worklist management provides for case prioritization and load-balancing. Peer review and critical results notification enhances communication among all stakeholders. Go to Workflow Management >

Clinical Repository

Go beyond a vendor-neutral archive to provide true interoperability, meaningful context and efficient access for all your clinical imaging data. Our hardware-agnostic, standards-based repository consolidates your archives while providing intelligent lifecycle management to reduce costs. Metadata tagging simplifies search and provides an appropriate clinical context for unstructured data. The clinical repository scales to support multiple sites and offers  a mobile acquisition portal for trauma care. Go to Clinical Repository >


Our unified diagnostic workspace provides real-time access to advanced diagnostic tools, dictation capabilities and direct linkage of images with conclusions, with no need to purchase multiple specialty workstations. The semi-automated tracking module improves quality for complex screening and follow-up of chronic cases. Native multimedia interactive reporting improves diagnostic confidence and increases referrals. Consolidation of multiple lab systems lowers your total cost of ownership. Go to Diagnostics >

Image Sharing

A browser-based, zero-footprint viewer delivers clinical images within the EMR and physician portals to support more informed care, with no costly integration or dedicated training programs required. Image sharing in health information exchanges and across regional networks helps eliminate the cost of duplicate exams or the transportation of hard media. Our FDA-cleared mobile viewer* intelligently displays all clinical data formats, including ECGs, for consultation anywhere. Simple sharing options for patients empower participation in their own healthcare decisions. Go to Image Sharing >


* Not FDA-cleared for primary interpretation and review of mammography images in the U.S.


Gain insight into departmental operations and system performance with real-time aggregation of raw data from diverse sources. Our zero-footprint portal offers analytic dashboards with configurable thresholds that can be securely accessed anywhere using a standard web browser. Clinical decision support tools including dose management and image-based protocols are available from the moment of diagnosis. We also offer tools to support quality compliance and performance rating. Go to Analytics >

Use Cases

Raise your standard of care. Improve patient engagement. Connect your extended enterprise. Provide telemedicine services. Move to the security and continuous improvement of a hosted cloud service. Whatever your goal, our unified capture, manage, archive and collaborate model elevates the value of diagnostic imaging.

Connecting Disparate Sites
Integrate your clinical imaging and data environment across facilities in multiple locations.
Enterprise Respository
Unify existing archives to provide intelligent access to imaging data across each patient’s clinical journey.
Patient Engagement
Provide visualizations that motivate patients to take an active role in their healthcare.
Accessing and Managing Big Data
Simplify and save with secure application and data management from a proven leader, on site or in the cloud.
Advanced Radiology Workflow
Increase productivity and diagnostic value with integrated, interactive reporting.
Image Sharing
Share images across technologies, departments, locations and networks.
EMR Image Enablement
Embed clinical images directly within electronic health records for clarity and context.

“Having a true vendor-neutral image repository means my facility can ingest all data formats without interrupting the department workflow, regardless of specialty or variance in their processes.”

- Dr. Randall Stenoien, CEO, Houston Medical Imaging

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