Medical Image Sharing

Quickly and securely deliver the right clinical images to any authorized stakeholder including clinicians, patients, payers and administrators. 

Our medical image sharing solutions remove the barriers of technology, location and even mobility to improve healthcare delivery, lower costs and provide a better care experience in any setting.

  • Embed images within electronic health records to provide seamless accessibility for more responsive care.
  • Empower patients to better understand their health status and participate in care decisions.
  • Deliver images to mobile devices at the bedside, in the clinic, in remote locations — practically anywhere.
Enterprise Viewer Module

Our vendor-neutral, zero-footprint enterprise viewer connects with existing patient records to provide seamless storage, accessibility and sharing of clinical data.

Powered by: 

Vue Motion


Integrate with Carestream and/or third-party PACS or DICOM archives; embed within your EMR or EHR portal; share images across HIE or regional networks.


Minimize training requirements and ensure user satisfaction with a single, browser-based viewer for any image.


Give any authorized user access to just the images and reports they need, using two-factor authentication.

Enterprise Viewer Essential Features
Sticky Notes and One-Click Collaboration

Enterprise Viewer supports communication via “sticky notes,” including indication of critical results. And, with a single click, a physician can expedite second opinions by sending a link to an exam via email to colleagues across town or across the country.

Approved for Clinical Reading

Vue Motion is FDA-approved for clinical reading, even on a wide range of mobile devices. Doctors can use their tablets or smartphones to view images and reports almost anywhere. The zero-footprint viewer features an intuitive interface, so there's no need to install a separate application or conduct dedicated training. 

Image-Enable the EMR

Available as an independent viewer, Vue Motion can also be integrated within an EMR or EHR portal as an embedded application. Or, it can be displayed in a separate window through URL activation. Either way, the elimination of multiple systems and log-ins saves time when accessing critical patient information. Vue Motion also includes web access for directly viewing data practically anywhere.

XDS Support

Vue Motion includes an XDS consumer that can be integrated with any DICOM or non-DICOM repository.

Patient Portal Module

A simple, secure web portal provides patient access to relevant clinical information, exams and reports, encouraging patients to actively participate in managing their own healthcare.

Powered by: 



When patients understand their diagnosis and progress, they take a more active role in decision making.


Easy-to-use portal increases patient satisfaction without the need for dedicated training or IT support.


Embed images within the EMR portal to provide a better overall patient experience.

Patient Portal Essential Features
Sharing Capabilities

Easy electronic image access and sharing helps support earlier diagnosis and enhanced care.

Privacy and Security

Security protocols help ensure that images remain private and secure — accessed only by those who have been granted permission.

Replacement of CDs, DVDs and Film

Eliminate the time and money wasted producing and transporting CDs, DVDs and film while providing patients with easy access to images to help them feel included in the management of their healthcare.

Image Exchange Module

Standards-based health information exchange (HIE) provides seamless transfer of healthcare information across different facilities and disparate IT systems using the XDS profile for cross-enterprise document sharing.

Powered by: 

Vue Motion


Deliver accurate, up-to-date patient and clinical information where it is needed.


Eliminate the time, expense and risks of conflicting or missing information associated with delivering physical documents and media.


Improve coordination of care while substantially reducing the cost, inconvenience and risk of unnecessarily repeating diagnostic procedures.

Image Exchange Essential Features
Sharing Capabilities

Regardless of location, authorized users such as the referring physician can use the platform to access the entire imaging portfolio for their patients. Platform-independent technologies provide access from multiple operating systems and web browsers using HTML5, including PCs and validated mobile devices.

Carestream's Vue Motion software

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