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Operational Analytics

A log-in through a highly secure remote connection enables expert technical support for your entire platform — anytime, anywhere in the world. With customer-defined thresholds, tiered service alert levels and the unmatched expertise of our support engineers, we’re able to remotely detect and resolve most issues before you’re even aware of the problem.

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Remote Management System

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Ensure the productive performance of your medical imaging and healthcare IT equipment.


Our engineering professionals can quickly troubleshoot your medical imaging and health IT equipment around the clock.


Pay as you go to have the operational information you need available virtually anywhere, anytime.

Essential Features & Benefits

Timely System Updates

With our Remote Management System, staying current couldn’t be easier. Many upgrades are delivered over our secure internet connection, so you get them quickly and conveniently, with no need for an onsite engineer.

Data Security

To maintain secure data communications between our Remote Management System central servers and your Clinical Collaboration Platform, we use our Secure Remote Service Access (SRSA) to create a secure connection through the internet, using your compatible VPN device or a Carestream-supplied SSL or IPSec VPN appliance.

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