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Acquisition Portal

Capture images across departments, modalities and file formats using existing systems, mobile and remote devices, video, document scanners and more — with vendor-neutral support for future imaging technologies.

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Acquire clinical images from virtually any source.


Capture and ingest images remotely using web-enabled mobile devices.


Provide context that makes images easy to find, manage and use.

Essential Features & Benefits

Mobile Capture

Capture clinical content virtually anywhere using smartphones, tablets and other web-enabled mobile devices, with context awareness to facilitate simple upload. Implement trauma and telemedicine applications with web-enabled mobile capture and mapping of images.

Image Tagging

Easily add metadata to provide a meaningful context to clinical images and data while making the information you need easily searchable. Our standards-based interface supports IHE-XDS, HL7, DICOM, FHIR, file share and web services for management of records from any source within a single workspace.

Zero-Footprint Image Acquisition

Capture images in JPG, MOV, MP4, PDF, CCD and ECG formats using existing equipment, mobile devices, video systems and tomorrow's innovative imaging devices. An advanced frame grabber and mobile device captures digital images and video from any department and modality — for example, endoscopy footage taken during minimally invasive surgery.

Other Clinical Repository Modules

Vendor-Neutral Clinical Repository
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