Global Worklist Module

Index multiple archives stored on servers throughout your healthcare enterprise in order to present a single worklist seamlessly to end users.

Powered by: 

Workflow Manager


Permission-based import ensures that authorized users and groups have access to manage exams, orders, patients and documents.

Display multiple worklists on a single screen, such as a subspecialty worklist plus a general radiology worklist.

Directly launch the diagnostic viewer and reporting solutions.

Essential Features & Benefits

Shared global worklist

Image acquisition and reporting can be performed seamlessly across multiple sites. Residents can be on call for more than one site at the same time.

Other Workflow Management Modules

Workflow Orchestrator Module

Automatically deliver the most urgent studies to the most qualified radiologists to expedite reading and reporting so that appropriate treatment can be given as quickly as possible.

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Workflow Information Module

Zero footprint workflow and clinical information management solution designed to improve workflow efficiency and patient care.

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