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Workflow Orchestrator

Automatically deliver the most urgent studies to the most qualified radiologists to expedite reading and reporting so that appropriate treatment can be given as quickly as possible.

Powered by: 

Workflow Manager


Users can read studies based on subspecialty and organize a peer review process to elevate the quality of diagnosis.


Automatically present the most relevant study to speed turnaround time. Use the real-time analytics dashboard to track performance and service metrics for actionable analytics.


Access reports and follow-up by ordering physician. Use screen sharing, chat and link invitations to simplify and improve collaborative relationships.

Essential Features & Benefits


Functions seamlessly with all the Clinical Collaboration Platform modules (Enterprise Viewer, Interactive Reporting, Administration and of course the Diagnostic Client).


Provides sub-specialized and prioritized worklists, including relationship management.

Load Balancing

Supports more evenly balanced reading workloads.

Workflow Orchestrator Module is GREAT!
Quality Control

Improve quality control of readings through peer review.

Exposure Mechanism

Ensures that all exams are read, with our "No Study Left Behind" exposure mechanism.

No Expensive Integrations

Delivers superior performance by eliminating the need for expensive integrations between disparate systems.

Workflow Orchestrator Module is GREAT!

Experience the Workflow Orchestrator Module

Are you challenged with balancing radiology workload and prioritizing critical exams? The Workflow Orchestrator Module of the Clinical Collaboration Platform can save you the time of searching for the right exam to read. Instead, the exam chooses the right radiologist automatically.

Carestream Orchestrator - Healthcare IT Workflow for Clinical Collaboration

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Workflow Orchestrator

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