Vendor Neutral Clinical Data Archive

Centralize your enterprise imaging repository to consolidate archives, lower costs and give providers unified access to the images and data they need to deliver better care. 

Our Clinical Repository is more than a vendor-neutral archive. It's a single source of imaging information to support more effective decision making. 

  • Archive and access both structured and unstructured data, with metadata tagging of unstructured data for searchability and meaningful clinical context.
  • Intelligently manage the information lifecycle to contain costs while preserving access to longitudinal data.
  • Ensure interoperability via a hardware-agnostic, standards-based repository for all your imaging data.
  • Streamline trauma and wound care with an image acquisition portal for mobile devices.
  • Scale and extend the Clinical Repository to serve multi-site and regional installations.
Vendor-Neutral Clinical Repository Module

Smart lifecycle management provides storage and access beyond individual episodes of care, encompassing each patient's full story. Tiered archives optimize performance for the currently relevant data. Hosted cloud solutions give enterprises a path forward.

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Vue Archive


Store images in all major image formats using XDS, XDS-I, DICOM and HL-7 standards, as well as non-DICOM objects.


Tag morphing allows for efficient management of metadata tagging, ensuring proper display of protocols and comparisons without regard to the format limitations of departmental systems.


Clinical information is stored securely and optimized for the performance needed at each stage of the patient's clinical journey.

Clinical Repository Essential Features
XDS Full Compliance

Manage the XDS lifecycle for diagnostic reports and imaging data as well as HL7 data (IOCM). Archive all major data formats from different sources, with intelligent information lifecycle management to contain costs. Extensive tag-morphing capabilities allow data to be stored and distributed with appropriate clinical context. DICOM Take-Over preserves metadata without the need to replace existing archives.

Business Continuity

Clustered servers or federated archives deliver stability and redundance for a complete, "always on" view of clinical data.

Disaster Recovery

Back up enterprise image data onsite or in the cloud for disaster recovery. Carestream Cloud Archive Services offer predictable operational costs for secondary copies of your image data in the secure Carestream data center.

Intelligent Lifecycle Management

Automatically manage the lifecycle of clinical images and data across multiple sites, systems and storage tiers to provide access throughout each patient's clinical history. Smart Storage consolidates existing storage systems, providing virtualization and synchronization throughout the clinical lifecycle.

Data Migration

Confidently migrate clinical data from legacy archives into the Clinical Collaboration Platform while maintaining industry standards that simplify future integration and growth. Eliminate costly data migration and the need to purchase a new archive system with DICOM Take Over Service, while minimizing disruption for end users. 

Acquisition Portal Module

Capture images across departments, modalities and file formats using existing systems, mobile and remote devices, video, document scanners and more — with vendor-neutral support for future imaging technologies.

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Workflow Manager

Vue Archive


Acquire clinical images from virtually any source.


Capture and ingest images remotely using web-enabled mobile devices.


Provide context that makes images easy to find, manage and use.

Acquisition Portal Essential Features
Mobile Capture

Capture clinical content virtually anywhere using smartphones, tablets and other web-enabled mobile devices, with context awareness to facilitate simple upload. Implement trauma and telemedicine applications with web-enabled mobile capture and mapping of images.

Image Tagging

Easily add metadata to provide a meaningful context to clinical images and data while making the information you need easily searchable. Our standards-based interface supports IHE-XDS, HL7, DICOM, FHIR, file share and web services for management of records from any source within a single workspace.

Zero-Footprint Image Acquisition

Capture images in JPG, MOV, MP4, PDF, CCD and ECG formats using existing equipment, mobile devices, video systems and tomorrow's innovative imaging devices. An advanced frame grabber and mobile device captures digital images and video from any department and modality — for example, endoscopy footage taken during minimally invasive surgery.

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